Kenneth Wengert: What is on his head?

Walking down the halls of the famous Elder High School, you may notice some crazy things and see some odd quirks. However, as you pass Kenny Wengert, you simply must ask, “What in the world is on his head?” There is no need to lie. We thought the same thing. Kenny seemed to adapt a new hair style that he claims is a potpourri of “the move Lawless and the artist Macklemore.” Frankly, no one understands the concept. To describe his hair, it looks like he buzzed the sides of his head, but left the top, and only the top, long and luscious. Kenny recently created “Slick Back Wednesday” in which you gel your hair in a certain direction to show a sense of style. Many have adapted this holiday including Seniors Ian Sullivan and Max Mazza. Mr. Ahlers saw Kenny and said, “When it’s slicked back, its G’d up.” Sam Kwiatkowski also agreed what Mr. Ahlers said and stated, “It looks fabulous when it’s slicked back.” When prompted about how different it looks from most hair styles he replies, “Those who hate, sit on the bench and don’t participate.” Wengert is proving himself as a leader, not a follower and others commented that he is a “trendsetter.” Although some are fond of the hair style, some criticize to the extreme. Senior Jimmy White said, “What even is it? It’s got to go.” Although thoughts of his hair are being passed back and forth between peers, it is still impossible to comprehend the reason why he chose his certain hair. I cornered the exclusive Kenny himself and he simply said, “It is for the ladies.” The intention of the hair style change is blatantly obvious. Kenny Wengert’s haircut may have some large positive impacts on hair fashion today, or it may crash and burn. We can only imagine what hair style he will choose next.