Fantasy Football Wrap Up

The man, the myth, the legend.

The man, the myth, the legend.

With the Fantasy Football regular season coming to a close, it was time to ponder on who were the best players in their respected fantasy position.

QB: Honorable mentions: Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. The best quarterback this year was Andrew Luck. Luck may not have had to back to back games of six touchdowns but Luck overall did the most damage this year. Yes, more than Manning. He up to week 13 lead fantasy football in points (at least in my league). Luck had four games of 40 points or more. Luck has 34 TD’s so far and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He was a good find for those people who didn’t jump on the Manning band wagon before the season started. Luck is setting himself up to be one of the best for a long time.


RB: Honorable Mentions: Arian Foster, Le’Veon Bell, Matt Forte, and Marshawn Lynch. I think this would be considered a no brainer since he had so many games with 100 yards or more, DeMarco Murray. He had 8 straight weeks over 100 yards average at least 20 points. Dallas fed him the ball and he did not disappoint. He has cooled off recently however, but not enough to de-thrown him from his top running back spot.


WR: Honorable Mentions: Demaryius Thomas, Jordy Nelson, Emmanuel Sanders, and Jeremy Maclin. Antonio Brown was the best, yes even in a league where there is Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and A.J Green. Mainly because Green and Johnson were hurt, let’s not take that away from Brown. He had a great year, not yardage totals but with his scoring. Easily Big Ben’s favorite target was a big deep ball threat and he had four games with two touchdowns. He has 11 through week 12 which isn’t too bad at all. Next year I expect it to be a wide receiver driven year if those top guys are healthy.

Antonio Brown

TE: Honorable Mentions: Antonio Gates, Julius Thomas, Greg Olsen, and Jimmy Graham. The return of the Gronk spike. Rob Gronkowski has had a full year of football to this point (knock on wood) and it has showed how good he is when healthy. He led TE’s in points topping Graham and it is obvious that he has a huge impact on the offense. It makes defenses fear Gronk freeing up those wide receivers who had good years also. Tom Brady throwing to you helps though. He has nine touchdowns through the first 12 weeks including three scores against the Bears’ awful defense. If Gronk stays healthy this year and next year he will keep this title next year.


FLEX: Honorable Mentions: Justin Forsett, Jamaal Charles, and Golden Tate. My pick is Emmaunel Sanders, first seemed to be a great flex but made his way up the ladder and was in the category of best wide receivers this year. He thrived with Manning being his quarterback and there is no shock there. His coming out game had to be the game against the Chargers scoring three times. He only had seven touchdowns this year but, he made his money from yardage. He had seven games of 100 yards or more. Like I said earlier in the year, he would be a great find and well I think he was to most fantasy users.


All in all it was a great year for fantasy football. Best of luck to all those who drafted a playoff team and are getting ready to win it all. For those of you who weren’t so lucky, better luck next year.