A Week in Review: Catholic Schools Week

An exciting weekof Catholic Schools week has come to an end at Elder High School. Coming into thisweek there were different thoughts about the week. Sophomore Josh Rhoads realized he hated gradeschool, Junior Davis Rensing was wondering why Elder even had school and SeniorJack Meder was thinking that this week was going to be identical from lastyear. The week startedwith a breakfast for the faculty and staff to get them in a great mood to startthe week. Archbishop Dennis Schnurr alsohad a video conference on this day, going out to all different Catholic HighSchools in Cincinnati. The Archbishophas been having these video conferences for the past 4 years. Last year, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr came toElder to have this. Elder kids had theopportunity to ask him questions. However this year, he was at McNicholas High School. Freshman KurtFortman, Josh Rhoads and Davis Rensing all said that they believed that Mondaywas the worst day of the week because Elder didn’t do anything special. The next day atElder was grade school colors day and the Skyline Main Event. This is the day students try to act like theyhaven’t out grown their old grade school shirts. Davis said that he loved seeing everybodybreaking out the St. Jude Bulldogs gear for this special day, while senior JackMeder said that it was neat to see what school everyone came from. Walking through the halls during this day wasquite comical since half of the students didn’t fit in their clothes. The Skyline MainEvent is an important part of the school year for most panthers. This is the day when students have theopportunity to have a Skyline 3-way in school. Elder students could pay $4 to receive a 3-way, crackers and a pop. The 3-ways was served to Elder students byElder grad Joe Lambridines, the owner of Skyline Chili. Every year, the lines are extremely long,causing students wait for a while. Also,teachers allow the students to leave class a little early, because of thisevent. Wednesday wasthe special Memorial Mass Elder hosted to honor all of the Elder grads who diedin Vietnam. There were 11 men who wewere honoring. Following the mass, therewas a special ceremony where Hank Mueller spoke to the entire studentbody. This ceremony was very special tosome of the guests. Elder hanged 12 shadow boxes in the hallway leading to theFreshman Wing. There was one shadow boxfor each of the men who died and the 12 th box was for Elder’s 12 th man, to show that the Elder community will always support those who died. Thursday wasElder’s crazy day. Elder students couldwear anything they wanted to be crazy. There were several people who dressed up, but there were also severalpeople who didn’t. Freshman Kurt Fortmanloved this day of the week and said, “It’s great to see everybody get dressedup.” Catholic SchoolsWeek ended with the tradition of having a Purple Friday. Just like any other Friday, students had theopportunity to wear anything that has the word Elder on it. Jack Meder,Davis Rensing or Josh Rhoads could think of any ways to improve CatholicSchools week here at Elder, but Freshman Kurt Fortman believes that Eldershould start a Pajama Day Monday, since nothing is planned on Mondays.