T.V. blackout

One of the biggest mysteries of Elder High School is seen every day by students; the TVs that stare at them from the lost corners of the classrooms. Although they are a daily sight around campus, the antique televisions bring up quite a lot of questions. After interviewing Mr. Ruffing, we learned a lot about the vintage televisions. A TV station under the name of Channel 1 used to operate here at Elder offering TV’s in each classroom without charge. However, the catch was that each morning the TV’s had to be turned on for 10 minutes to watch the morning news on Channel 1. The contract expired in 2008 and the TV’s haven’t been used during school since. Now, the TV’s are mostly gathering dust in the cafeteria and many classrooms and seem to just be taking up space. But little do students know, the TV’s are used on random occasions such as Dad’s club meetings and wrestling tournaments. It turns out that Elder has Time Warner Cable, but not all of the TV’s can still pick it up due to old age. One question remains: Why don’t we e-cycle the TV’s? Without a doubt, Mr. Nohle would be absolutely ecstatic with this idea and the benefit to the environment would be extraordinary. Lastly, keeping the TV’s for so long also has a reason behind it. The new SMARTboards Elder has installed don’t have a source of cable. So the downside of getting rid of the TV’s by e-cycling them would be the lack of television throughout the entire school, which could potentially be very important in certain situations. Although the TV’s of Elder are old and some unusable, they have definitely made their mark in the school’s history.