Hopsin does it again

The rapper fakes like he is leaving the game and “comes back” a couple of days later

Hopsin does it again

Hopsin, another underground rapper who has come to my attention, has been gaining a cult following over the last couple of years. The rapper has gone through some tough times through his life and he was living the good life.

After starting off his rapping career with little to no faith in God, he reported through his own record label (funk volume, which he started with another rapper) that he had found his faith and devoted his life to Christianity. He said that it was a struggle to continue his rapper lifestyle while living Christian values, but he could not give up what he loved. It seemed that someone who had sung about God being fake had found the latter, but the feeling did not stay long.

About a year later, Hopsin dropped his new single titled “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” (part of the Ill Mind of Hopsin saga) in which he rapped that he had already lost his new found faith.

Hopsin said, “But I’ll be damned if I put my own pleasure aside for an afterlife that isn’t even guaranteed.” His struggles with his faith have led him to have a tough life these past couple of months, and he told us what he was feeling with Ill Mind 7.

A couple of months after Ill Mind 7 dropped, Hopsin decided to post on Facebook that he was quitting the rap game. He posted this message:

“I just wanted to take time out to say I appreciate all of u who have supported my music over these past few years. A Lot of u have told me stories about how I have changed your life. You too have changed mine in ways that u can never imagine. Unfortunately, tonight is the night that I am actually moving away to Australia. Over the past couple years I have come to conclusion that this profession just isn’t for me, so im going to venture out into new areas of life. I will always be an MC at heart, but this rap stuff just isn’t for me. I hope Youguys can respect it. I’ve signed over my half of the funk volume label to my business partner Dame. I also wished Swizzz, Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton good luck in their careers. Thank u all! I’m out.


Marcus Jamal Hopson aka ‘Hopsin’”

Along with this post, he put up a picture of him with his suitcases at the airport. It seemed to all, that this would be the last time Hopsin would ever grace the media again…

Until, a couple of days later, on social media, Hopsin posted a suspicious video. In it, Hopsin told the world that he was faking it and it was all a joke. However, I believe that he only did it all as an advertisement for his new album titled Pound Syndrome.

My brother, Gian Salamone, expressed his anger at Hopsin to me for this. Gian told me that he never really liked Hopsin’s music and this stunt lowered the rapper’s stock in his eyes.

I used to enjoy Hopsin’s music, but I don’t think it was a good idea for him to pull this stunt. Although Hopsin is a talented rapper, he was trying to make an advertisement for his album (which he probably didn’t need), and now, I am less excited for it than what I would have been.