A CYO matchup to see

The CYO season will feature a truly epic match up on Sunday, January 20. The undefeated St. Jude Bulldogs will host the undefeated Victory Vipers. The bulldogs and Vipers have both started the year 6-0, and had some big wins along the way. The Vipers, as expected have run through everyone in their path. The Vipers have no lack of talent, and have dominated every game. Joe Ramstetter has liked the way the Vipers have played. “Were beating the teams we should beat, and are getting better for the bulldogs,” said Joe. St. Jude has turned heads this year with an unexpected undefeated start. The Bulldogs even handed the highly touted St. Dominic Black Hawks an 18 point defeat. St. Jude has beaten the odds to make themselves an elite squad. Point guard Sam Schultz is delighted. “We have come out and done exactly what we have to do, and I guarantee a victory this week.” The matchup between the Bulldogs and Vipers is interesting to say the least. The two styles of play are completely different. The Vipers use their size and shooting to light up the score board. St. Jude uses defense and mid range shots to beat opponents. St. Jude is entering the game as an underdog. “Hayden is a hidden star that has not been found yet,” said Alex Kloepfer as an unbiased spectator. Alex thinks the Vipers will have no problem taking down the Bulldogs. St. Jude players are starting to take to the negativity. St. Jude role player Sam Kwiatkowski is one in particular. “We’re 6-0 and have wins against St. Dominic and Visitation X. No one is giving us a chance, but I think will give them a run.” Sam also stated that he feels a few Vipers are overrated. The matchup will be THE CYO game to see this year. If you’re not busy on Sunday, stop by the St. Jude gym to witness a game of epic proportions.