Rockin’ out in the multi-purpose room; guitar club is truly unique.

Many talents around Elder seem to go unnoticed, especially the talent of playing a musical instrument. Sure, everyone knows members of the Elder Band that play instruments, but what if you’re a guitar player? Most of these kids, including me, keep quiet about the instrument. After all, the west side of Cincinnati is not really the place to start a band. However, Elder offers a club where guitarists and bassists can jam together in perfect, noisy harmony; better known as guitar club. Axe man Jimmy Alexander is a member of the club and really enjoys it. “It is what I look forward to each week,” he says. “It is one of my favorite clubs to be a part of.” While many think only hard rock is played on the guitar, this is very untrue. Alexander explains, “Something that makes us different from every club is the unique diversity we have. All are welcome, whether you play amazing acoustic like Andrew Hilvers or shred like a metal god such as me.” The thought of guitar club made me think of another serious question, can any of these guys form a band for Elderfest that would top Elder’s own legendary band, the Requiem? While this is a hard feat, Alexander still guarantees a good show. “The new and upcoming band, Iron Scepter has formed, with senior bassist Alex Paustian, freshman rhythm guitarist Jake Luebbe, and me on lead. Also, others will be performing at Elderfest to melt your faces off. Alexander said the club’s main goal is to make sure everyone is playing. He said that most of the time, a full out Jam sesh occurs which gets everyone pumped up. The club meets Wednesdays and Fridays after school. Even if you are new to guitar playing, the club would be glad to welcome you. The satisfaction of learning how to play an instrument is a priceless feeling, especially the guitar. One minute, a guitarist might be playing a smooth solo, when all of the sudden, a wave of heavy distortion hits. It is truly the only instrument, in my opinion, that can sound like any emotion one is feeling at the time. What better way to let the world know you’re angry than by blasting power-chords at ear-shattering decibels? The guitar is more than just six strings; it’s an emotional journal.