Dave Grohl, a true music icon

Dave Grohl has done just about everything in the music business one could think of; now, he’s decided to take his talents to the Sundance Film Festival with his documentary about Sound City Studios. Located in Los Angeles, Sound City was home to some of the best recorded rock albums of all time. Artists such as Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and many other artists have recorded albums at the historic studios. Grohl himself is no stranger to Sound City; he recorded a Foo Fighters album there as well as “Nevermind” with Nirvana. With such a great history, Grohl is the perfect pitchman for the famous site. Growing up in Warren, Ohio during the early 80’s, Grohl was very interested in the rock music scene. In 1986, a Washington D.C. band by the name of Scream picked Grohl out of a number of other drummers to drum for them. Being only 16 and a junior in high school, Grohl could not tour the country and be in school at the same time, so he decided to drop out, a decision that changed his life forever. While Scream was touring in California in 1990, a little band called Nirvana was looking for a new drummer. After attending one of Scream’s shows, Grohl was asked to join Nirvana and he accepted the invite. The band recorded their album, “Nevermind”, at Sound City Studios, and became the biggest band in the world when it hit. People were obsessed with Nirvana, only to be heartbroken when the sad news of Kurt Cobain’s suicide became public. Grohl had always been writing songs while with Nirvana, but he always felt as if his songs were no match to Cobain’s. Then a year after Cobain’s death, Grohl recorded all of his songs under the name Foo Fighters, and another famous band was born. Although he recorded all of the songs on the debut album by himself, Grohl eventually found other members. Despite getting heat from trying to be “the next Nirvana”, the band has been a commercial success and have toured all over the world. Grohl has also produced, and plans to drum for Queens of the Stone Age on their new record. The Foo Fighters are on a supposed hiatus at the moment, but that will not stop Grohl from being a force in the music business. In addition to his documentary release, Grohl is forming a group called The Sound City players to play a show in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival. It is unsure who exactly will be in the group, but it is likely that members playing have recorded albums at Sound City. Names such as Trent Reznor of Nine inch Nails, Tom Petty, Neil Diamond, and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age are being thrown into the mix but nothing is confirmed. Even Sir Paul McCartney, a good friend of Grohl, is said to make an appearance. The world will have to wait until January eighteenth to see who exactly is in the group, but they will most likely play a great show if Grohl is a part of the band. It is good to see such a famous musician take the time to make a documentary. Sound City Studios is an important piece of history to the rock world, and Grohl should be thanked for taking time to let fans know about it. He is a truly phenomenal musician, and who knows, maybe even a budding director.