Track season starts with indoor meets

While most of us are busy studying for exams, a select group Elder athletes are hard at work for their next sports season. Yep, you guessed it! The Elder Track and Field Team has started up and is in full swing. Distance runners, sprinters, and even the weight men have all started practicing for their upcoming season. You might be wondering why all the track participants are starting training for a sport that doesn’t start until late March, right? Wrong. For the Varsity team, track meets actually start on February 2nd with the indoor Cedarville Tune-Up Meet. While it might seem silly to start competing so early, it is actually very beneficial for the athletes. “It’s important to have early meets so that you are ready. You aren’t going into the season cold and you are already prepared for competition,” explains junior Jonathon Reiter. After the first meet at Cedarville University , the track team will make three more trips, to OSU, IU, and Capital, in order to get ready for the imminent outdoor season. Sophomore Eric Huff has a lot to prove this upcoming track season, and for Huff, it all starts with the indoor meets. “My goal this year is to make the Varsity 4×800,” says Huff. “One of the 4×800 members graduated last year, so I am hoping to take his spot. For me, Indoor Track is all about proving myself, so that Coach will let me run on the 4×800 relay this spring.” With all the hard being put in during the off-season, Elder Track and Field, as Coach Flaherty puts it, “Will surely be the most improved team in the state”.