Quill editor captures honor

Elder senior and The Purple Quill’s very own, Jake Fields, was honored this month with the prestigious Student of the Month award at Elder High School. The Purple Quill caught up with Fields to get his thoughts on the award. “I was really surprised when I was told I won the award. I couldn’t believe it,” Fields explained. “It’s a great honor, and I think it’s cool that I received the award.” “I’m proud of myself. Not everyone can say they were student of the month during high school.” The Elder senior is still uncertain of who nominated him for the award. “I asked around, trying to find out who gives out the award or who decides it. I never got a full answer, but I think there’s a group of teachers that select the winner.” “You have to be nominated by a teacher, but I’m not sure who nominated me.” The multifarious amount of activities Fields is involved in most likely earned him a nomination. “I think I won the award because of the stuff I’m involved in here at Elder. I run cross country and track. I’m editor of The Purple Quill and yearbook. Also, I am a member of Elder’s key club. All those things probably helped me get this award.” “I think my grades might have had something to do with it as well,” said Fields, who is a member of Elder’s prestigious honors program. The Student of the Month award comes with more than just a title. “I also get a 20 dollar gift card to the spirit store. I think that’s nice that they include it with the award.” Yes, Fields wrapped up the Student of the Month award for the month of December, but that doesn’t mean you can’t claim this honorable prize. We still have five months left in the 2012-2013 school year, which means you have five more opportunities to be called Student of the Month.