“This Is 40” gets great reviews

Released on December 21st, This Is 40 has brought in over $54,000,000 at the box office. The film is referred to as a “sort of sequel” to 2007’s Knocked Up . Unlike Knocked Up , which focuses on the lives of Ben Stone (Jason Segel) and Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), This Is 40 tells the story of Alison’s sister, Debbie (Leslie Mann), and her husband, Pete (Paul Rudd), as they finally hit the big 4-0. As the movie begins, Pete and his daughters—Sadie and Charlotte—surprise Debbie with a birthday cake for breakfast. When Pete places a candle in the shape of a 38 on the cake, Charlotte asks why they are celebrating their mom’s birthday for the third year in a row. Debby’s unwillingness to come to grips with her age quickly becomes one of bigger the running themes of the movie. Since the ending of Knocked Up , Debbie now owns her own boutique where she employs Desi (Megan Fox) and Jodi. As the film progresses, the viewer learns that one of the employees has stolen over $12,000 from the store. Debbie, along with Jodi, believes that Desi is the culprit because of Desi’s new car and upgraded wardrobe. The film then focuses on Pete, who is struggling to keep his small record label in business. Pete also has to deal with his Jewish father, Larry, asking for money to support his three toddlers, who are ironically younger than his grandchildren. After going to her therapist, Debbie decides to make a list of changes to implement into her life with Pete. As they are growing older, the changes mostly deal with being more responsible—changes like eating healthier, limiting computer usage, and becoming more involved in their children’s school life. Debbie also makes Pete promise to stop loaning his father money, although this effort is highly unsuccessful as Pete continues to give his dad money. Later on in the film, Debbie pays a visit to her gynecologist only to discover that she is pregnant. Debbie than makes her way to the local elementary school to pick up Sadie and Charlotte where, horrified by the thought of having a baby at age 40, Debbie picks a fight with a 13 year old boy who has been cyber-bullying Sadie. Debbie goes on to call the boy a “Tom Petty look-alike” and tells him that she is going to run him over with her car if he doesn’t apologize to Sadie. The next day at school, the boy’s mom, Catherine (Melissa McCarthy), gets into a fight with Pete when he drops the girls off at school. The verbal match culminates with Pete poking Catherine in the shoulder. Catherine, appalled, accuses Pete of touching her nipple. This incident culminates in a hilarious parent meeting with the principal. Ironically, the principal takes Pete and Debbie’s side in the argument as they deny all of Catherine’s claims and work together to gang up on her. In the next scene, Debbie decides to confront Desi about the missing money. Rather than confront her during work like any normal boss would, Debbie goes out to a club with Desi where she gets interrupted every time she tries to bring up the subject of the missing cash. Finally, on the way home, Debbie learns the truth: Desi has not been stealing the cash—Jodi has been to support her Oxycontin addiction. The climax of the film comes at Pete’s 40th birthday party. During this scene, Debbie and Pete get into an argument which ends with Pete leaving his own party. While riding his bike, Pete is hit by a driver opening his door and breaks a few ribs. The driver, mad that his window had been shattered by Pete, punches him in the face and drives away. At this point, Debbie finds her husband slumped over on the side of the road and immediately drives him to the hospital. The two have a heart-warming conversation about life before Pete decides he is ready to discharge himself from the hospital. Pete and Debbie walk down the hallway and the movie comes to a close. This Is 40 has had good reviews so far from both Elder and Seton students. Seton Senior Allie Glatt would definitely recommend the film, saying, “While it’s really funny and enjoyable to watch, it also shows the struggles people have in life and how to get through them and remain happy.” Senior Scott Maurer also recommends the movie. “I was laughing right off the bat. The first scene in the movie is hilarious and the rest of the movie follows suit,” said Maurer.