2013: technology of the future

This year where technology is about to hit a whole newlevel. From the rumored Xbox 720, to a new technology that Google is developingwhere you could have goggles or glasses that have a built in screen with 4g,GPS, there are other modifications; soon you will seem like a walking computer.Technology is never going to stop advancing and every year it is getting betterand better, but for the year 2013 some things are happening that we’ve haveonly seen in movies or dreamt about. Lincolnis well known for its luxury car and its sleek looks, but it’s taking cars to awhole new level with the system it has developed called Lane keeper, which ithas put in its 2013 MKZ. A front mounted camera reads the lane markings on theroad and keeps you centered. Also when you don’t have the automated driving on,it always has an assistance modification which if the car detects you swervingit will jerk back towards the center of the lane. This development will helpsave lives of those who sometimes, or for the first time, fall asleep at thewheel and start to swerve off the road. If that’s not enough to get your mouthwatering, Lincoln also has a new cruise control which locks onto the car infront of you and matches that speed, also while scanning for road obstacles andbraking if needed. But that’s only the start of the 2013 advances Everyonehas had those days where they just want to throw their phones against a wall orjust bend them in half, but never did because of the fear of destroying theirphone. Samsung has solved that problem with a design of a phone that has aflexible screen. It is a 5.5 inch flexible screen phone. You do not need toworry about buying a $100 case for it because of the fear of dropping it andbreaking it so easily. The flexible phone has removed those fears with this newtechnology. You should see this development in late 2013. Last breakthroughtechnology is in glasses, where Google has come up with a small LCD screen inthe upper portion. This to most of us was only a dream to not walk around withhaving to look down at your phones and stumble over things. Google was first tobreak the ice and did it in a big way. The ‘Google glass project’ is what they unveiledabout 6 months ago and have been hard at work ever since to get it out to the public.This Titanium-framed glass “headset” has many functions such as video and audiocapability and GPS. “This is a complicated thing. This is not a laptop or asmartphone. It’s an entirely new platform. So how people interact with it andwhat people do with it is totally new territory,” Is what Babak Parviz, the head of the projectsaid, there’s no saying where this breakthrough could lead. New ideas and thoughts are made everyday and with the technology around us some of those crazy and wild ideas can bebrought to life easier than ever before. Theirs is no telling where we could bein the next five years in technological advances and with just these three I’vedepicted here it looks like we’re moving pretty fast in technical advances.