Sorry 4 The Wait 2

Sorry 4 The Wait 2

Recently you haven’t really heard that much from rapper Lil Wayne. He was supposed to drop a new album October 28, 2014, supposedly  his last album before he retires, “Tha Carter 5.” But after having disputes with the owner of his label the album has been pushed back for all sorts of reasons.

With all this commotion going on he decided to release a mix tape, “Sorry 4 The Wait 2.” Going into this mix tape I knew it wouldn’t really be anything special since Lil Wayne’s last album was absolute trash. But I was hoping for something good.

In this mix tape from Wayne there are 17 tracks. I would say about half of them are pretty good songs. After hearing the first track “Coco”, I must say I was actually surprised. The tape started off pretty strong and finished even better. Notable songs would have to be “Coco”, “Used to”, “HollyWeezy,” and “Dreams and Nightmares.”

For a mix tape I thought it was pretty good, even though most of his lyrics involved skateboarding, trashing the owner of his label (Birdman), and saying he is sorry for the wait. Hoping I would see something special from Wayne that I haven’t really seen, I was disappointed.

I talked to Max Dresmann about the mix tape and he told me he was disappointed and only liked two songs on it, and one was mainly because of Drake. I asked Michael Townsley his opinion also, and basically got the same thing. Townsley told me, “

There were a few good songs, but overall it was trash.”

— Michael Townsley

If I had to give Wayne’s tape a rating out of ten I think I would give it a solid six. Not a bad mix tape but not anything special. There are just more songs that I don’t really care for than songs I like. Overall, there doesn’t really seem to be one standout song to me.

I’m not trying to completely trash this mix tape, it is not terrible by any means. The perspective I have received from it shows a decline in Wayne’s career. I think “Tha Carter V” will be great, I just hope he decides to call it quits after that.