“Weird” New Fossil Found

When you think of the word “dinosaur”you probably think of the movies “ JurassicPark ” or “ The Land before Time, ”but what about the actual dinosaurs? Recently, scientists dug up fossils of abird that lived around 125 million years ago that had teeth. As many of you mayknow, modern day birds do not have teeth. Over the history of evolution birds havelost and regained their teeth four to five times and scientists can’t figureout why. “The teeth are weird and there are somestomach contents which are unusual,” said paleontologist Gareth Dyke, ofthe University of South Hampton in the U.K. It seems as of now modern birds seem happywith their beaks. Today, birds have many types of beaks, whether they are shortand powerful or long and skinny. This is why it was unusual for the fossil tohave the teeth that it has. This bird lived 125 million years ago and wasdiscovered with teeth and contents in its stomach. These teeth are ones thatwould be capable cracking hard shells, eating insects and snails. Scientists arereally excited about this find because in China they have found many otherfossils that are different from their typical species. “It’s moreevidence for the uniqueness and range of ecological specialization that areseen in these particular Mesozoic birds.” Scientist Luis Chiappe said thisabout the birds found in China: “This was clearly a hotspot of ancient birdbiodiversity,” With that being said, who knows what else they might findin China? China is wheremany crustaceous period dinosaurs are found that lived anywhere from 65 to 165million years ago. This robin-sized bird lived about 125 million years ago andis a part of an extinct toothed bird species that was the most numerous at thetime. Scientists have said that modern day birds have lost the teeth due to addingweight to their body and making it harder to fly. What is weird about the teethon this bird is that they are very small and would have next to no weightaddition on the bird, so this makes scientists scratch their head and ask why birdskeep losing their teeth? And at the same time, why did they keep growing back? Typicalteeth in birds they weigh a lot, but at the same time these birds did not.Scientists found that the birds had crown-like teeth, they could see in the bird’steeth that they formed serrated ridges able to crack open the exo-skeleton ofinsects and snails, as well as eating hard shelled seeds. Many scientists haveconcluded that birds got rid of their teeth is to lose weight off of theirbodies for easy flight and they have now developed beaks that can do just aboutthe same things but are also very light weight. Talk about two birds with onestone.