EHSports: The app

As I was browsing around on, I noticed a banner popped up right in the middle of my screen. The banner was an advertisement for the EHSports app that would post scores, pictures, and even stream video. As a huge fan of all Elder sports, I clicked it willingly to see what it is all about and it took me to the App Store for the iPhone, which is where I downloaded it. At first, I was fairly skeptical about the whole thing. I was expecting a slow app that posted scores weeks after the event; however, it was a lot more efficient than I thought. Every sport is posted with precise speed and reliability. The app was first being developed in June of 2010 by John Welch from the class of 2005. John Welch also runs the EHSports website, and takes photos at most sporting events. “The actual App’s construction was relatively easy,” John said. “The technology that supported this ability was very difficult to build.” There are two individual apps for EHSports; one is free (lite) that contains most features, and one is $3.99, but includes more features such as full video streaming, which no other high school in this area has mastered. The video streaming part of the app was the hardest part to configure according to Welch. He said, “At the time of the App’s launch, the only other major organizations that offered live video of sports were MLB and The Masters.” As I first approached the video streaming, I was expecting a delay in the audio or jumps in the video, but that wasn’t the case whatsoever. Tyler Loebker, a huge Elder fan as most people know, said, “It is really convenient to be able to stream video wherever I am. It isn’t choppy or anything, it is very good quality.” The app also has a sense of social networking associated with it. It’s connected with EHSports’ twitter, @EHSports, to keep all fans updated with the most recent stories or games and really helps people to stay connected with the school. Along with that, it also tracks the Elder High School Facebook site, which can update people on various different updates, events or situations. Other than the features mentioned, the app contains photos, videos, schedules, directions, and even rosters. The easy interface of the app really makes it easy on the eyes, and is straight to the point while being productive at the same time. It has recently been optimized for the iPhone 5, which also increases its greatness. Overall, the app surprised me, but in a good way. I wasn’t even remotely close to being disappointed after purchasing it. Although the lite app contains the majority of the features, it is worth it to just spend the extra $3.99. As a student of Elder High School, I recommend all Elder alumni and current Elder students to purchase the app to keep updated wit h the athletics of this great school we all call Elder.