Changes coming to Elder High


Mr. Owens soaking in the last few days in his current office, until his move to his revamped office.

Most people at Elder have become accustomed to the current school that we have grown to love, but changes are coming. Elder is undergoing a serious series of changes and office swaps over the summer, and you may not know about it. For some faculty and students it may have no effect, but I can’t say the same for others.

J.P Owens, head of the admissions here at Elder gave me the rundown of what will occur over the summer.

“I know everyone but me is going to the basement, (Study Hall Room). Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Lind will be going into the guidance office area. Alumni Development is going to the basement, I’m going to the main office. Main office is going over to the business office is, and the Business office is going to the apartments which is above the weight room.”

These changes have the Elder I have known for the past three years looking a whole lot different. Some could say it could be for the good, others may think it isn’t needed. However, this isn’t all that is happening to Elder.

“This is to improve the students experience, a new security system will be going in, like new doors. They will be locked during the day. It will either be opened during a certain time frame or will be opened with your cards. People will need to check in to the main office through the main doors, like a check in.”

He also said another wave of air conditioning will be going in, this time throughout the first floor including the cafeteria. Not to mention new heating and lighting.

“We are removing the TV’s throughout the cafeteria, and putting in new monitors. Along with screens to display news around the school and information regarding upcoming events. They will let people know of fan appreciation nights, themes for the games and school related news as well.”

He said they are trying to reorganize things to fit better to what Elder High School will be like in the future.

A lot of changes coming to what seems to be considered one floor. I am excited to see how the revamping will turn out in the future. I asked Junior Eric Ostertag what he thought about the changes coming to the school.

“I think it will take some time getting used to but I think this will be very helpful for the school and its remodeling for the future of what this school will be. I like the idea of the screens showing information regarding games and schools news. Students will know what the theme is for the game, now if they follow it or not is not in our hands but there are endless possibilities of what the screens could show. It could be a huge help to students.”

This may come as a shock to some students. For the seniors they will never really see what affect it has on the school, but for juniors like myself, we will get to witness what effect relaying news to students via TV has over announcing them over the P.A. I’m excited to see what the future changes hold for Elder.