Gettin’ Buckwild

The brand new reality TV show on MTV, Buckwild, is becoming more popular every day. Buckwild is a reality show about a group of young adults from two small towns in West Virginia. The show focuses on the activities and relationships that they have in their small town. They do some crazy stunts and their relationships are complicated by drinking and promiscuity. With all this excitement and drama, naturally, the show is incredibly popular with teenagers. However, not everybody is a big fan of the show. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has spoken out against the program, and has asked for it to be taken off the air. He thinks that this show plays to the hideous, inaccurate stereotype of people who live in West Virginia. Many Elder students watched the big premiere which aired on January 3. Johnny Lane thought, “The show was hilarious. Most of the kids needed subtitles when they talked because you couldn’t understand them, which is comedy. Also it showed a part of our country that I’ve never seen before. Those kids knew how to have a good time with the little they have.” Nick Becker said, “I can’t wait to party with them when I head down to West Virginia University this fall!” The last student I interviewed has the reputation of being the most “country” kid at Elder, Austin Kibler. So I had to ask him what he thought of the show. “ Well I thought it was good for the American people to finally see a show that did us southerners some justice. I would be on that show in a heartbeat. I think me and my buddies could show those kids up.” I asked him if he does any of the activities they do on the show and he told me, “Yes, I go mudding all the time and I go swimming in ponds and the river. I’d have to say my favorite would be mudding by far.” The only thing he didn’t like about the show was, “The high school love bull. That show needs to simply show the fine youth of America what it’s like in the country.” He also added that, “ Buckwild is my favorite show as of right now besides Moonshiners .” Buckwild airs again on January 10, and all of us will be eagerly waiting to see what our favorite country boys and girls down in West Virginia will do next.