Smart phones Vs. dumb phones

IPhones, Windows phones, HTC, Galaxy’s, Droid’s and Androids, all of these phones are becoming a part of everyday life for many people. More and more people have been getting smartphones and it seems that regular cellphones are becoming a thing of the past. If you don’t have a smart phone you are missing out on a lot. You can easily access Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, send out Snapchats, hold all your music, browse the internet, get all the top games like Bike Race and Ruzzle, and of course, call and text. Smart Phones have completely revolutionized the way people communicate in today’s world. To find out a non-smart phone owner’s opinion I talked to Jim “Nags” Nagel to see what he thinks about the issue. Q: What kind of smart phone do you have? A: No I don’t have one. I have some normal AT&T phone with a key board. It’s covered with scratches and chew marks from Spunky. Q: Why don’t you have a smart phone? A: I have no money!!!!! And my mom and dad won’t put internet on my plan. Q: Do you think you will ever get a smart phone? A: Yeah, probably before I go to college or for graduation. Q: How long do you think it will be until a smart phone will be the only option when shopping for a cell phone? Or do you think you will always be able to buy a regular cell phone? A: Eventually it will probably be the only option because people use them for work. Even a guy like Jim thinks they are becoming essential to everyday life, so next I talked to a guy who has had a smart phone for as long as I could remember, Kyle Federmann. Q: How long have you had a smart phone and what kind is it? A: Well I got an old HTC smart phone sophomore year before they were big and now I have the IPhone 5. Q: What kinds of Apps and social media do you have? A: I use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and a bunch of others. Q: How long do you think it will be until the only option in a cell phone will be a smart phone? A: Probably within the next five years, the way smart phones are on the rise I just can’t see cell phone companies offering regular cell phones much longer. Q: Do you think more and more people have been getting smart phones as of lately? A: Oh definitely, it seems like almost everyone who didn’t have one got one for Christmas. It seems like for many people their smart phones have become a part of their everyday life and if they were to be without it they would not be able to go one the same way. Pretty soon regular cell phones will be a thing of the past so you better get with the times and go out and get a smart phone.