Storms pound east coast cities


What if the Super Bowl was played in New York this year instead of last year? Would it have been a repeat of the 1982 AFC Championship matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Diego Chargers? The Freezer Bowl was played at Riverfront Stadium and temperatures plummeted all the way down to -59’.

Last year the Super Bowl was played in New York but the cold was not a factor. With the game being played in Arizona this year we know the weather will not be an issue. It was sunny and 75 for the game this year.

With the Northeast getting pounded with snow we were fortunate enough not to have another Freezer Bowl. We heard about Buffalo getting a tremendous amount of snow forcing them to move there game to Detroit because of all the snow.

A blizzard is defined as a severe snow storm with high winds and low visibility. This is just what Winter Storm Juno was. Juno clobbered the Northeast last week with an enormous amount of snow. Juno stretched from Long Island to New England with heavy snow, high winds, and coastal flooding.

Places such as Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Long Island, and Rhode Island have picked up nearly two feet of snow. On January 27th Juno set a record in Worcester, Massachusetts with 31.9 inches of snow falling in one day.

New York was expecting three feet of snow and they were not going to be caught off guard. They shut down the roads and issued everyone to stay inside at all coasts. They reported only 15 accidents occurring during the winter storm and this is remarkable.

Usually upwards of 100 car accidents occurred but it seems their plan has worked. By shutting down the roads and advising people to stay home they stayed clear of car accidents, injuries, and even deaths.

Time Square was even deserted during the storm. The Chief of Police said that this is the first time he has ever seen time square New York deserted and no vehicle traffic. New York got lucky and the snowed missed them but they still got some snow.

Many flights were delayed and the airport was nearly a ghost town. The chief meteorologist apologized to the city because he predicted the weather wrong. Many schools called off and many roads were closed.

With weather it is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. The meteorologist did nothing wrong by predicting the worst and the city was correct by planning for the worst. Even though the storm was not that bad they were still able to say they were ready.