Snapchat: New update creates controversy

Snapchat Logo

Snapchat Logo

Snapchat is one of the top apps of social media nowadays, so it is no surprise that people are reacting both positively and negatively about the newest update. The newest update creates a new feature that does not allow for people to see who you Snapchat. This means that you cannot click on someone’s name and see the top three people they Snapchat.

You can see why this would stir up some people. For couples this could be a bad thing because now you cannot see if your girlfriend is talking to other guys, or vice versa. The new feature brings a whole new meaning to the word “privacy,” and some like it and some do not.

Other than being able to not see people’s best friend’s, Snapchat added features that make it simple to add friends. All you have to do is take a picture of someone else’s profile symbol, and it will automatically put them in your contact list.

The last new thing that Snapchat added in their latest update is a discovery mode. The new mode helps you interact with other Snapchat users from all over the world, plus it gives people the opportunity to be connected to news and entertainment outlets like CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, Yahoo, and many more.

Senior Brent Sullivan, who loves to keep his Snapchat score high, was a perfect candidate to talk to about this new update. He did not really say much about it except for that it is good and it adds “a new little twist for Snapchatting people.” I agree with Brent on this one, Snapchat did a good job keeping up with its competitors like Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. They upgraded their already booming app and it will keep the “Snapchatters” happy for the time being.