Is Facebook on the out?

When I log onto Facebook nowadays, I see a major decrease is the amount of activity. Out of upwards of 800 friends, it seems that maybe 10 people actually post things anymore. The sad thing is that most of the people that use it anymore seem to be our parents. Really, the fact that all my interaction has become with relatives, I have completely given upon Facebook and concluded it is definitely on the out. Many others and I have realized this and more or less “switched” to Twitter. Twitter to me is simpler, more direct, and serves more of a solid purpose. It connects users and followers in what I see as an easier way. It just one thing with Twitter, a simple Tweet – it one place, one page – not a post or wall posts, no timeline, which leads to not having to be constantly changing. I think one of Facebook’s biggest blunders was thinking that users all want change, because it’s really the opposite. Maybe 3% of users like the newer Timeline, and the people behind the site like Mark Zuckerberg should have realized that. Forcing users to change the setup and layout of their pages didn’t make people gain new interest in the social media site, instead was a final reason for bored users to give up on it and change their focus to Twitter, and even Instagram. Facebook’s revenue and user growth reflects this. They are still growing, but not even close to how rapidly it was back in early 2012. Also, the fact is, we’re getting bored. Our generation, basically young teens to young adults, has been with Facebook since about 2006. That is when a majority of us became users. Maybe it is that we have had our run on it – just like we did with Myspace – and as the generation behind us gets to the age of social media takeover, they see the decline in interest with Facebook, and just go straight to Twitter. The catch is that even with Twitter at its peak or close to it, there is always something new to come. It’s weird to think after this era of Facebook and Twitter, where the words have become together like Batman and Robin. Is Facebook becoming Robin?