Top ways to save for college

Today’s high school seniors haven’t really had to worry about much in 2013. Seniors now need to worry about how to save money or get money for college. Hearing about all these people who have to pay back thousands of dollars of loans is pretty intimidating. To help avoid getting destroyed by loans, here are the top four ways to save some dough for college. 4.) Don’t buy stupid stuff you don’t need. This sounds obvious, but a lot of teenagers (like myself) will see something shiny and think “I need that”. Well guess what, you don’t need it. Take that money you could’ve spent on that nick-nack and shove it under your mattress. Seriously, do it, even if you are only saving ten bucks. 3.) Lay off buying fast food for lunch . Honestly, fast food is unhealthy and is a drain on one’s cash flow. I probably spend around 10 smack-aroos on fast food a week. That’s 40 singles a month I could be saving. Over an entire year that’s a lot of dough that could’ve been saving. 2.) Don’t take your girlfriend out to “fancy dinners”. Why take the lady to an Outback or a TGI Friday’s when you could be a “dollar-menuaire” at McDonalds. Let the lady know she can get anything off the dollar menu, she then feels more loved and you save 25 some odd dollars. 1.) Scholarships! Do scholarships constantly. Check out what scholarships you qualify for and the deadlines. These scholarships could potentially earn someone around 5,000 bucks just for typing a paper. That is much better than getting a summer job. Also try to be good at sports. People can go to college for free just for being an athlete. Now that’s a sweet deal. Follow these four guidelines and hopefully paying for your college will be a breeze.