Cincy can’t make it past first round

In the past few years the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals have made it to the post season. In the football season of 2011 the Bengals had a playoff seat, and they had to travel to the Lone Star state to battle the Houston Texans. The Bengals had rookie Andy Dalton, and A.J Green as the stars of their rookie year both make it to the Pro Bowl. For some reason it looked like Andy was choking after he threw a pick six to a defensive end. I mean, come on Andy, we all know you are smarter than that. After that the team as a whole went down the drain in a 31-10 loss. They gave up on the city and on all their fans to get humiliated that bad. Then baseball comes around and the Reds are one of the teams to beat in the regular season in 2012, finishing with the second best record behind the Nationals in all of MLB. Congratulations, Reds, but the fans hold you to at least make it past the first round. But here we go again, being kicked out in the first round by the San Francisco Giants. First two games out in Cali, yes, we smoke them both games, and here we come back home to try and finish them off in order to advance. Then what happens? The Reds choke, one mental error after another and they lose the next three. I mean, you were second out of both leagues and this is how you perform? We deserve better. Now back to the Bengals in 2012. Their start was not the best but that’s understandable. They finish strong at 10-7, beating the Steelers and the Ravens to clench the sixth seat; nice back to back playoffs. Congratulations are in the air, it has been a long time since that has happened, and look who we get to face and try to redeem the city of Cincinnati. It’s Houston again. Yes we have the lead, but look what is happening, they’re starting to choke. Ok, you made it more interesting but you only score one touchdown (on defense) and you again fail to make it to the next round. Is someone out there paying the Cincinnati professional players to lose the first round every time? I know I would like to see one team from Cincinnati make it past the first round some time in my life, please!