Led Zeppelin leaves the world in awe one last time

In October of 2007, the greatest rock band to ever walk the earth came together, and the living members of Led Zeppelin performed in London’s O2 Arena, in front of 16,000. The long awaited and once-in-a-lifetime event drew attention from all corners of the globe. Twenty million people were hopeful to get tickets, when only 16,000 were available. Such high demand forced the sales to be by way of online lottery. 8,000 lucky fans were chosen and with luck were given the opportunity to purchase tickets. Many celebrities had the chance to go as well – Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Paris Hilton, and Peter Gabriel were those lucky enough to have the pull to see it. Andy Tully and Michael Lee of the US were two fans who got tickets, and flew to London and camped out for two weeks in front of the arena to be in the very front row. The show was filmed live by 16 different cameras. Little did people know at the time, but the Band was planning to release the show on blu-ray – but it took five years. It was also professionally recorded for release of a live CD of the show. The 16 song set they performed began with “Good Times Bad Times”, and ended with hard hitting classic “Rock and Roll”. Jimmy Page is the band’s guitarist – and arguably one of the best to walk this earth. Robert Plant is on lead vocals, and john Paul Jones plays bass. The only hole in the original group is that of drumming legend John Bonham. He died in 1980 at the age of 27, at the prime of Zeppelin as a group, and left behind the remains of the world’s greatest rock band. His Son, Jason Bonham, took up the instrument after his father, and played drums all his life. So, for the reunion show the undisputed choice for the band was Jason Bonham to play drums in place of his father. Jimmy Page said in reflection of the night, “Jason [Bonham] was the hero. For me that gig was about him.” The end of the show – the encore of “ Rock and Roll” , was where Jason Bonham brought to life his dad’s drum solo at the end of the song, and they played Led Zeppelin’s last note. It’s a fact that is hard to grasp, that they will almost definitely never play together again, as they did five years ago. Instead, they live on in the timeless, pure, rock music that is still loved just as much as it was forty years ago.