Finally, the NFL playoffs are here. The most exciting part of the football season starts this weekend at 4:30 with the Bengals vs. Texans game. I can’t wait to see who wins it all. I have my pick for the Superbowl champ and I know people are going to hate me for picking them. But just take a look at these matchups: AFC Wild Card Cincinnati VS Houston Cincinnati AFC Wild Card Indiana VS. Baltimore Indiana NFC Wild Card Minnesota VS. Green Bay Minnesota NFC Wild Card Seattle VS Washington Washington AFC Divisional Cincinnati VS. New England New England AFC Divisional Indiana VS Denver Denver NFC Divisional Minnesota VS. Atlanta Minnesota NFC Divisional Washington VS San Francisco Washington AFC Championship Denver VS. New England Denver NFC Championship Minnesota VS. Washington Minnesota Superbowl Minnesota VS. Denver MINNESOTA I know people will call me crazy but I just think it is Adrian Peterson’s year. He finished the regular season with 2097 yards and 12 touchdowns with a 6 yard average per carry. With these stats, he is more than deserving of the MVP award. The Vikings have been the most solid all-around team in my eyes. They pass, run, and have a good defense and good special teams. They are a good, hard-nosed, tough team. They have so many focused players. They can beat Green Bay, can beat Atlanta who has been shaky at times, they can beat Washington, and I think they could upset Denver. There are a lot of good teams this year but they are all one dimensional. The Patriots, Broncos, and Indiana only pass the ball. The Patriots defense is horrible. I just think the Vikings will sneak to the NFC championship and end up winning it. I hate to predict a winner, but they have my vote.