Christmas break has come and gone

Christmas break has already come and gone. Every year the break seems shorter and shorter. Between holiday traditions, friends, and family, break tends to be pretty busy for the first few days. When break starts, there are always a million things to do: Christmas shopping, celebrating being out of school, decorating for Christmas, and much more. But before we know it, Christmas is over. It’s shocking how much faster Christmas goes by every year, and before we know it, it’s gone already. Once Christmas is over, the focus of break shifts from family Christmas traditions to spending time with friends. After a while though, we run out of things to do. Days are spent watching new movies that were Christmas presents, playing new video games, and watching the same TV shows. This year, we were lucky enough to get snow, so sled-riding was an option too. Somehow, even with the downtime during the days, break still manages to fly by. All of the sudden it was already New Year’s Day. Plans with both family and friends made the break busy again. Then, before we even had time to think, we’re already going back to school. Without even realizing how little time we had to do all of our work for break, it’s already time to go back. All of the promises of “I’ll do it later,” catch up to us as we hurry to finish our assignments, college essays, and other work. With exams only a week away, we’re forced to work quickly to catch up from all of the time spent relaxing over break. It never feels like the time off is enough anymore. When we were younger, break seemed to last forever; but each year, break feels shorter and shorter, even if it is the same length. Now we’re headed back to school without feeling like we had any time for ourselves at all.