Facebook is dying

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Facebook Logo

Social media is constantly evolving and changing, and it is starting to look like Facebook is slowly fading away from the top of the social media hierarchy. It has been awhile since Facebook was the most recently used app on anyone’s smartphone. Twitter is simply dominating Facebook in the likes of people below the age of 26.

Facebook was first launched on February 4, 2004 as “The Facebook”. The founder was Mark Zuckerburg. In 2008, Facebook took over MySpace as the number one social media application in the world. MySpace had previously held the number one spot for a while before it was passed by Facebook.

Now it seems the demise of Facebook is upon us, and it is sad. Facebook has been so prominent since about 2006, but Twitter and Instagram are taking over. Facebook just cannot seem to compete with Twitter and Instagram among teens, which means it will not last much longer. Facebook will soon turn into what MySpace now is, a “dead” social media application.

We live in a day and age where most people use their phones to access social media sites, which caters to the youth, so that is also a leading factor as to why Facebook’s usage app-wise is going down. Most people access Facebook on a computer which makes it harder to compete with Twitter, which is mostly accessed as an app on a smart device.

I asked senior’s Mac Garvey and Emmett Bold which they like better, Twitter or Facebook, and they said they pick Twitter with “no doubt.”

Social media is going to continue dominating the World Wide Web, and it will probably never die out. Social media gives people a chance to connect with family, friends, and even people they have never met before. It also allows people to get a hold of one another, since it seems like everyone is on the go nowadays.

It is a shame Facebook will die out in the coming years, but it is the cycle. Nothing lasts forever, and Facebook had one heck of a run. Soon there will be something to take Twitter off of its pedestal, but for the time being it is looking like Facebook is going to be overcome by Twitter.