Christmas wish list

Laptops Laptops might not be on everyone’s wish list for Christmas, but with seniors coming up on college many will need them. Probably the most requested will probably be a MacBook, Why? Most likely because people think Apple products are always the best when that’s not always true. Many believe you can get the same performance from a PC and save 400 or 500 dollars. The juniors, sophomores and freshmen don’t really need a computer, even though 95% of us will complain that our computers are a piece of junk, there will still be those kids out there who request a laptop for Christmas. Usually at a house there is already a computer and in this day in age there a high chance of it being a laptop, so laptops are going to be a big thing this year for kids our age. IPhone The IPhone 4/4s/5 is probably something that’s on everyone’s wish list and for good reason. Many new apps have come out that have sparked a craze and sparked more interest in the iPhones. One such app is Snap-Chat which allows you to send some of the ugliest faces to friends and then they are not able to save the picture; it’s gone forever, Instagram, I another app that basically combines Twitter and Facebook, which has drawn many toward it. I think we could all agree that about one out of every three kids has an iPhone around Elder and after Christmas there’s a good chance that, that number will rise. Call of Duty Black ops 2 Everyone I’ve talked to loves to play video games. The hottest game that has come out recently is Call of Duty Black Ops. This game has a total of five out of five stars. The recent Call of Duty before Black ops 2 was Black ops 1. In my opinion, I didn’t really enjoy this game. The new Black ops has zombies in it, and it is by far the best zombies that have ever been on any Call of Duty. I can’t even imagine what all the kids are saying about the new Call of Duty. I personally do not have the game yet, but I would really like to purchase this and see what all the hype is about around town. Halo 4 Halo 4 is an unbelievable game. Many kids would want this game on their wish list. I know I would want to have this game and be able to open it on Christmas day. Halo has some very intense online games and everyone that has played it has told me the online play is unlike any other Halo game that has ever been made. The campaign on this game is also very good. It is hard, but yet fun. I’ve only had the chance to play this game once and I can tell you that it is unbelievable. I’m sure kids would really enjoy this gift for Christmas. So that’s why I think this would be on their top Christmas wish list.