Let it Happen; not just a band, but a way of life.

Cincinnati is not known for too many famous bands, but that might change in the near future. Let it Happen is an up and coming band straight out the east side of Cincinnati. Since forming in 2009, the band has grown more and more popular. This pop-punk quartet consists of Drew Brown (Lead vocals/guitar), Sean Highley (Drums), Michael Vogel (Vocals/guitar), and Nathan Joiner (Bass). The band’s name comes from a Jimmy Eat World song with the same name. “We’re all really big Jimmy Eat World fans, and they have a song called ‘Let it Happen’,” says the band. “Coincidentally, it has sort of become our philosophy as a band. Even when things look bleak you just have to let things happen, and they always seem to work out!” Let it Happen was started by drummer Sean Highly along with lead singer Drew Brown. “The band was started originally by Drew and I as a side project from the metal band I was currently in. We came up with the name Let it Happen and have kept it ever since,” says Sean. They have also been lucky enough to keep the same lineup for as long as they’ve been together besides a brief stint with another guitarist other than Vogel. The band currently has an album out with the title, It Hurts, But it’s Worth it . Although the album only contains six songs, it provides fans with the energetic sounding band they’ve come to know and love. Songs one would definitely want to check out on this album would be “Bridges” and “Hide and Seek.” This album is available on i-Tunes and can also be listened to on Spotify. The members of LIH enjoy a wide variety of music. I asked them what their least favorite genre of music is and the response was, “We listen to almost every kind of music, but maybe Polka?” The band certainly does have a wide taste of genres, and drummer Sean Highley even says he enjoys current popular music. “I honestly think that the current pop music is getting better than it has been in a while. There are a lot of good bands that have been getting radio play like fun, Mumford and Sons and others. Even the solo artists like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift are putting out good stuff.” “I am actually listening to her (Taylor Swift’s) new record right now! Can’t get enough of it,” he says. As far as musical influences, the band says they are heavily influenced by the 90’s alternative rock genre. “We are really influenced by Jimmy Eat World, Reliant K, and Third Eye Blind,” they say. The band has been lucky enough to tour across the U.S. They have been as far north as Syracuse and as far south as Miami. This made me curious as to what their favorite show has been to this point. “That’s a hard one,” they said. “A few months ago we did a show with Sum41 at Bogart’s (right here in Cincinnati) that was pretty amazing, so that might be one of the best shows we’ve done.” Let it Happen is done touring for 2012, but they plan to do more touring in 2013,with hopes that the world doesn’t end. Right now, the band is working on a new album, and they are very ecstatic. “We are hoping to have the record out by mid-2013,and are so excited! Some of the tracks sound like, “It Hurts but it’s Worth it”, and some are little more influenced by 90’s alternative rock and pop rock. Overall though, it is still very Let it Happen. “We are really excited to let everyone hear it,” they say. Let it Happen is a very talented band who, in my opinion, have potential for making it big. If you want to get more information about the band, visit their Facebook page where you can get info about tour dates, the new album, and much more. Also, if you get a chance to go to one of their live shows, go. You won’t be disappointed.