Lacrosse takes the field

Lacrosse takes the field

With the winter season wrapping up, it puts the spring sports in the spotlight. With Old Man Winter bringing a late winter storm, it has made it difficult for the spring athletes to get quality practice in.

This year, Elder’s lacrosse team has had to find an alternative means to prepare for the season. With the field under a thick, thick blanket of snow, it made it impossible to practice. Coach Nugent was not about to get ready for the season inside the school gym.

For the first practice the boys didn’t report to the pit as one would expect, rather The Western Sports Mall.

The Western Sports is normally home to lollipop soccer, and co-ed leagues, but from 3-5 in the afternoon, the Sports Mall Belongs to the Panthers.

“It’s kind of hard to get a solid practice in on such a small field,” said senior caption Kevin Spurlock.

“At least we are getting touches on a real field while other teams are stuck in a gym.”

The first game for the Panthers is Monday March 23rd against Loveland. With such a big game to start out the season, the Panthers are taking full advantage of the opportunity they are given.

The practice schedule is strictly based on the weather. When the field is covered with snow, no one is allowed on it. So the team had to wait for a few warm days until they were finally able to take the field.

The temperatures have been on the rise lately, and most of the snow has melted, allowing the team to take the field. The first practice on the new turf was Saturday, March 7th, just 14 days before the team’s first game.

“It’s nice to finally get on the field,” said caption Josh Bonavita. “We are going to have to put a lot of work in these next two weeks to get ready for our first game.”

The first week of the Panther’s schedule is a tough three games. In the span of eight days the squad takes on Loveland, Summit, and St. X, making the first week vital to the rest of the season.

The lacrosse team has put in countless hours or work in the off season and are ready for the season to start. Make sure to get out and support the team.