Vanilla addition makes a difference

Vanilla addition makes a difference

We all know about the change from Pepsi products to Coca-Cola products here in Elder High School’s vending machines, and that some people were less enthusiastic than others. Some people preferred Pepsi products such as Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper over your average Coke to end their school day.

But the Coca-Cola vending machines have a new addition and that is the widely loved Vanilla Coke. Vanilla Coke is a regular Coke with a dash of vanilla flavoring that makes all the difference. They go for a dollar and twenty five cents and are located only in the cafeteria vending machines.

Nearly every day the Vanilla Cokes will run out of stock because students prefer it so much more than just regular coke or cherry coke. I personally enjoy Vanilla Coke and was a little hurt about the move from Pepsi to Coke until this decision to install Vanilla Coke occurred. I quickly got over the fact I couldn’t grab a Code Red Mountain Dew and found myself buying more vanilla cokes a month than I had Mountain Dews all last year.

Collin Scheiner, a sophomore at Elder High School buys a drink just about every day after school and although he misses his usual Dr. Peppers from last year, he still really enjoys the Cherry Cokes he now prefers to drink. “I really like the Cherry Coke and for a price at only a buck-twenty five you can’t beat it.”

Collin also went on to tell me he likes other things in the vending machines too, “I like the teas as well as the PowerAde. I missed the absence of my Dr. Pepper, but Cherry Cokes got me over it.”

Many students like Scheiner and myself are happy about the new addition of Vanilla Coke. Vanilla Coke was introduced in the early 2000s and was discontinued in 2006 until it was soon re launched in 2007. Vanilla Coke arrived at Elder High around January and people are hoping it stays for a long time.

Vanilla Coke is one of a kind and is only offered in the United States and some parts in the United Kingdom. Many soft drink companies create flavors that come and go but Coke has found a gold mine in Vanilla Coke and it’s about time it finally hit Elder High School. People have been requesting “shots” of vanilla and all sorts of flavors but it’s truly something special when the company actually adds in a flavor that lasts for a quite some time like Vanilla Coke. Vanilla Coke was ranked  second in all of the coke flavors (regular coke was first) that include up to 127 flavors comprised of Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid, Dasani, PowerAde, Hi-C, Vault, Pibb, and Barq’s.

Vanilla Coke is truly something special and Elder High School students are happy to have it. Enjoy.