Obituary: Lindsay Lohan’s career

Fame can do a lot to change a person, whether it is for better or worse. Lindsay Lohan has received and handled fame terribly. November 29th marked her most recent run in with Johnny Law. Lohan was arrested for allegedly assaulting another woman at a night club, and after the assault she left the scene. She was later caught by police and charged with third degree misdemeanor assault. This crime could be a huge blow to Lohan since she just got off federal probation in March. Everyone out there is wondering “where did the Lindsay from The Parent Trap and Mean Girls go?” Well I’ll tell you where she went, she went to drugs and alcohol. In nearly all of Lohan’s arrests or problems she has faced, drugs or alcohol haven’t been far from her side. Lohan’s mozt recent situation is truly sad; it looks like Lindsay may have been finally turning it around, but no, she hasn’t. Lohan used to be known as the most smoking hot red head on the block, now she is just smoking dope. “I’d rather tongue punch a hairy crab than be within a mile of that vile animal’s aura of unholy stank,” said senior Connor Groh, our celebrity correspondent. Lohan’s first mistake and possibly her biggest was dying her hair blonde. Her career went downhill from there on out. After this last incident, Lohan has no place in the entertainment world. No production could rely on her with her past and all of her mistakes. And so this last incident may have been the final nail in the coffin for her career. As a fan of Lohan’s early work, I sincerely hope her career isn’t over, but as of now her career has become just like the fiery red hair of her “mean girl” years, nonexistent.