Opening Day should be an official holiday in Cincinnati


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Opening Day 2015

Spring is finally in full swing, which means baseball has begun. It is a joyous time for baseball fans everywhere, especially Reds fans in Cincinnati. Opening Day in Cincinnati is not your normal, everyday baseball game. It is a time where the city comes together as one to ring in the new Major League Baseball season.

Opening Day starts bright and early every year. Tailgaters from all around get there spots for the Opening Day Parade around seven in the morning. The parade usually begins three to four hours before the first pitch, which meant tha the parade started around noon since the game was at four in the afternoon. This was the 96th year for the parade, so that just goes to show Cincinnati sticks to tradition when it comes to the city’s beloved Redlegs.

This year’s Opening Day game was great. Not only did the Reds win 5-2 over the Pittsburgh Pirates, but they won in amazing fashion. Todd Frazier hit a go ahead 3-run homerun in the bottom of the eighth inning that broke a 2-2 tie, and then Chapman closed out the game by striking out 2 of the 3 Pirates’ batters he faced.

I took to the halls of Elder to get the opinions of some diehard Reds fans and they all agree, Opening Day should be considered an official holiday in the Queen City. Senior Noah Stolze told me that he thinks it would be “great for the city to just declare it a holiday, so then all schools and businesses would most likely be off.”

I agree with Stolze’s statement. Next I asked senior Alex Harrison what he thinks and he said, “Since professional baseball started here in Cincinnati, it would make sense by celebrating Opening Day as a holiday.”