The Dead take over


Another year and another great ending to the best show on television.  The Walking Dead came to a close when season five’s finale premiered on March 29th.  Millions of fans from across the globe tuned in to watch the episode known as “Conquer” and to see what would happen to the group. Families gathered around the living room and parties were thrown to celebrate a wonderful show that has already been renewed for a sixth season.  In addition to that, The Walking Dead is doing so well that AMC is rolling out a prequel to the show called Fear the Walking Dead.  Also, the hit talk show, The Talking Dead continues to attract millions of viewers each week.

The last episode of the season or episode 516 broke records for the show.  As far as finales go it was the highest rated one out of all five seasons.  A staggering 15.8 million people sat and watched as Rick’s group struggled to fit in with Alexandrites.

This finale was voted the most popular yet, but why? With the return of Morgan, who is played by actor Lennie James, fans everywhere rejoiced as the ominous character finally had his head straight since season one.  When asked on Talking Dead why he thinks people enjoy his character so much he mentioned that people enjoy seeing somebody who was with Rick in the very beginning before he ever met his group.  Also, the idea of having his wife turn and not be able to shoot her most likely connected with many fans.  Morgan has had a rocky road, but it has already been announced that he will 100% be back in the next season to play his role.

However, some things that happened during the finale were not as well received.  For example, Glenn’s decision to not kill Nicholas made a whole group of people go ballistic and take to the internet to express their anger.  As a matter of fact, in an interview with Steven Yuen himself, he agreed with the fans by saying his character should’ve killed him when he had the chance, but ultimately it would contradict Glenn’s character and all that he stands for.

The Talking Dead, hosted by Chris Hardwick, isn’t doing bad either.  The show continually increases in popularity.  This is most likely due to the fact that they consistently bring in popular celebrities and cast members from the show to talk about what they just watched.  They also have multiple interviews with producers and a sneak peek strategically placed at the end of the show to ensure a sizable audience.

Just like the show, “the dead” are truly taking over the world and it doesn’t seem like the apocalypse is going to end anytime soon.