Happy Days Hit the Westside

Happy Days Cafe is a small, Mom and Pop restaurant that sits on Warsaw Avenue across from the Price Hill Kroger. The restaurant opened on June 6th, and while it might not have big square footage, it definitely makes up for its small size with “big time” food. The food at Happy Days ranges from gyros to cheese coneys to wings. With a complete “Served All Day” breakfast menu; this restaurant essentially has it all. Perhaps the most prominent, as well as the most popular, menu choice is the “Make Your Own Burger” (MYOB). The owner of Happy Days, Johnny Kokaliares, has managed multiple restaurants during his years, including places like Fridays and the Macaroni Grill. He cites a similar menu option at Macaroni’s as an inspiration for the “Make Your Own Burger”choice. “Everybody loves our Make Your Own Burger,” explains Kokaliares. “It’s a concept I picked up from managing Macaroni’s Grill, where had a Make Your Own Pasta.” Kokaliares’ son Andrew told The Quill that, just the other night, he had his strangest request for a Make Your Own Burger yet: a burger with chili on top. While chili is not an official choice on the MYOB Creation Pads, the younger Kokaliares was happy to try it. He said that it was definitely something new and that he likes messing around with new recipes. Besides the MYOB special, Kokaliares shared another unique aspect of his restaurant—the Friday Night Student Special. “Any student who comes in on a Friday Night will get two deluxe cheeseburgers, a large fry order, and two malts for ten dollars. It is important to us that the students are staying in school and this is a way we can encourage it” said Kokaliares. Junior Jonny Reiter has been to the restaurant once, but plans on going again before his yearbook meetings on Thursdays. Reiter says, “I thought the restaurant was really good. It’s cool how you can make your own burger.” With a killer menu and awesome deals, Happy Days Café can certainly look forward to “happy days” in its future.