Farewell Top Gear

Farewell Top Gear

Top Gear is an automotive show that started in 1977 and was discontinued because no one really liked it. In 2002 Jeremy Clarkson revived the show with a passion bringing a dramatic flair to the show. He along with Richard Hammond and later James May became some of the most watched people on the planet.

Now with many scandals behind him and several still occurring, Jeremy Clarkson has been “sacked” from the BBC hit show Top Gear. He was the lead man and he spear headed the effort to make a show that was massively entertaining but also informative in a funny and enjoyable way. Their motto “ambitious but rubbish” has drawn so many fans that when Clarkson was suspended a million people signed a petition to bring him back.

As for Clarkson I think he needs to be respected for his talents and what he did for the car world. Jeremy Clarkson, the now sadly unemployed but still extremely talented host, was a bombastically eccentric “orangutan” that would say ideas or make comments that no one else had the balls to do. He got fired for being honest and speaking his opinion.  He didn’t let anything get in the way of his business, something that people need to adopt because nowadays most people are push overs and do not know how to get the job done.  This is something Clarkson knew how to do.  Even with all of the bad things he did or so called bad things he was a part of one of the most successful TV shows ever.  He is also arguably the main component as he interviewed guest stars, introduced the show, and led the charge in the “do the news” portion of the show.

Clarkson, May, and Hammond come as a package and this may mean the end of Top Gear. If the BBC decides to keep it they will have a hard time finding people to replace these three. I know for a fact that they cannot be replaced and no one will live up to what they did.

Top Gear is arguably one of the greatest shows ever made. Its fan base spans over 150 countries and they have done what others have not. They do not care about consequences. They want to give us the straight truth and an entertaining show. What these three have done for TV is amazing and what they did for the car world is even better. The show is for all ages and it can be respected by all people. The show is a one of a kind and the most unique car show ever made.