The Newest Party Scene: Club Aqua

As you’re walking through the halls of Elder High School, you may hear some people ranting and raving over the most recent sport event or an extremely hard test that someone just took. But sometimes people may hear about the infamous “club aqua”, which is literally not a club, but figuratively a cult. It all began on one gloomy Monday morning at Elder High. One may be wondering where in the world this idea is coming from. If anyone has tuned in to 101.1 the Wiz, they probably understand what this Club Aqua business means. Every Saturday night there is a real Club Aqua, which is a remix of a large amount of songs, with one DJ remixing and talking over the music at some points. On that particular Monday, rhymes were just being passed back and forth as just then, the Elder Club Aqua was born. Club Aqua serves as a comedy act performed by Vince “Slim Finch” Pfierrmann and Blaise “DJ Rubbaz” Weber. As they spit different rhymes back and forth, the laughter just rises. With Blaise’s sick nasty metaphors, and the combination of Slim Finch’s beats, the songs just produce basically on their own. I met up with Slim Finch and he said, “It’s all for fun and games. Nothing is supposed to be derogatory or anything relevant like that. Our rhymes are unreal though. Ladies’ night coming soon to the nearest location by you! Drinks half price!” With Johnny “Plastic J” Lane as their new producer, popularity is growing each day of school. Daily, Rubbaz writes down a verse or two of his songs that he is pondering. With their next upcoming album due to be released, Christmas from the ‘Nati , he is forced to deal with a real life lyrical deadline. Although the comedy act is very entertaining, it serves a different purpose as well. Mr. Reiring agreed one Tuesday night at Poster Club that he will “consider making the theme for prom ‘Club Aqua’.” This basically means that if the theme would be adopted, it would be a water environment of some sort. When prompting Nick Beard about Club Aqua he said, “Of course I’ve heard about it. If it’s seriously prom’s theme I will go no matter what.” With Club Aqua growing quickly, the fame of the squad has become apparent. The songs are continuing to flow, and the gigs are beginning to be booked. Hopefully the DJs for prom are the great Slim Finch and outstanding DJ Rubbaz so they can give everyone a taste of their upbeat tempos.