iPhone 5 to iPhone 4S Comparison

Apple has recently come out with its newest product, the long awaited iPhone 5, exciting many Apple fans. Preorders were being issued, and the anxieties of many have risen. However, is purchasing the new iPhone worth it? Once the iPhone 4 was released, Apple’s iPhone was seen as one of the greatest smart phones of all time. The new sleek design encouraged buyers to purchase the product as well as the new processor and other wonderful features. Most think that the iPhone 5 won’t be able to live up to those expectations. The iPhone 5 has a lot more assets that contribute to its popularity. With the iPhone being 0.32 inches bigger than the iPhone 4/4S, it really opens up the market. With its larger size the screen itself is bigger. Some users are looking for more screen size to edit videos or photos, browse the internet, or even do homework. But some other users would like there mobile device to be even more compact. The iPhone 5 weighs a miniscule 3.95 ounces; 0.85 ounces lighter than any other iPhone. One thing iPhone users are worried about the most is battery life. The iPhone 5 has up to 225 hours of standby time on it, while the iPhone4S has 200. As a user of an iPhone 5, I am satisfied with battery life, and noticed that is better than any other smart phone I’ve owned. Earlier this week I chatted with senior Ian Sullivan and he stated, “The battery doesn’t bother me at all. If I charge it in the morning to full battery it will last all day no matter what.” Another positive thing to come with the iPhone 5 is the new 4G LTE internet browsing. While the other iPhone has 3G, the 5 gives you lightning speed which gives you a lot of accessibility to be searching the web very fast. With the old iPhones, you had mediocre internet access, and it usually took a couple minutes to load a YouTube video. The iPhone 5 is fantastic in the category of video buffering. “Browsing the web and getting on Facebook is a lot easier on the iPhone 5,” said Elder Alumni ’10 Mike McGuire, former iPhone 4 user and now an iPhone 5 user. “It’s really convenient and saves a decent amount of time because I get reception basically anywhere.” The next thing that most critics are focusing on is the new processor chip in the iPhone 5. It now features the new and improved A6 chip, which causes simple actions on the iPhone to be executed quicker such as opening apps, performance speed, and messaging. The iPhone 4S contains the A5chip, which is faster than the iPhone 4’s A4 chip, but not as fast as the iPhone5. As most people know, the headphones provided with iPhones or iPods aren’t really that great. However, the iPhone 5 is featuring a new design of the headphones, which send music right through your ear drum by giving it a new and improved design. The headphones come with a tube in the bottom that acts as a subwoofer, giving the user a large amount of bass in the music they’re listening to. I met up with Junior Michael Bailey to compare the headphones. When presented with the old headphones, he wasn’t satisfied and claimed “it sounds just like a blown speaker.” However, when presented with the iPhone 5 headphones, he said, “Wow these are actually really good. Beats headphones aren’t even worth it, I’m getting these.” Overall, the iPhone 5 could be just the product you are looking for, but also could be just another iPhone containing a few more extra features. As a user of the iPhone 5, I recommend to get it when your next phone upgrade is due because it is a really reliable phone and the features with it are great.