Red Dawn

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the United States was taken over by a foreign country? Or what would happen if a war took place in our own back yards instead of overseas? The action packed movie Red Dawn will show you just what it would be like. This movie is a thriller; it involves a group of young adults who aren’t going to give up their country easily and are willing to give their lives for the freedom Americans deserve. Going into this film I had no idea what to expect. It’s a very good movie that brings out what it would be like if America happened to be taken over. It’s full of action that is very entertaining, however, it can be a little far-fetched at some points. It’s a cool experience to see how one group can do such a massive amount of damage when their lives are on the line. The end will leave you stunned with a great amount of pride in your heart for America. It’s definitely a must see and I highly recommend it. The main characters Jed and Matt Eckert are brothers, but they don’t act like it. When Jed was nineteen and his brother sixteen their mother passed away. Struck with shock and depression, Jed left for the army to leave his brother to deal with it on his own. It’s been three years since they have seen each other when Jed finally comes home to see his family. They feel like they are still apart and it doesn’t seem like Matt will ever get over it. The next morning they are awakened by loud noises that sound like bombs and artillery going off. As they walk downstairs, it turns out North Korea has found a way to shut down all of the United States networks making it easy for them to over run the country. Fortunately they are able to escape to their family’s cabin up in the woods with about six of their friends. As they look down from above they can see their whole city being taken over by the Koreans. They know they are safe but they don’t know what to do, they are in the middle of a war. As the next day comes the Koreans find Jed and Matt’s father and end up figuring out where they are hiding. It is about twelve o’clock when the group hears the Korean military coming up the woods to their house. They hear it just in time to run away and find a place that’s hidden but where they can see what’s going on. When the Koreans arrive, they have the brothers’ father captive and make him speak into an intercom thinking that the group will respond to him. He says, “I want you to know I love you two and I’m sorry for what has happened, I know it seems like there’s no hope but I want you guys to do what I would do and fight these people and risk your lives doing it.” This is the last thing he says before they kill him. This is what sets it all up for the group; they are going to do just what they were told and fight for their country. With Jed as their leader they have a chance to set up some chaos for the Koreans and they do just that. I highly recommend seeing this film, you won’t be disappointed. Go to the movies and see what happens when the group decides to fight back against the Koreans, it makes for a very entertaining couple of hours.