Little St. Nick

St. Nick day is a tradition that kicks off the Christmas season. Back in the day St. Nick would come to the house of children and put a small surprise in their stocking. The surprises St. Nick has been giving are getting bigger and bigger. When Mr. Ploehs was a kid, he used to get some candy in his stocking and maybe a puzzle. That was the normal stocking stuffer back then. Mr. Rapien said he used to get fruit, socks, candy, and maybe a small toy. Mr. Rapien also noticed how much bigger the gifts are nowadays. When she was a kid, Ms. Schmitt used to get gift cards, makeup, and jewelry, “I was girly.” By that time the gifts were starting to get alittle bit bigger. Now people are getting even bigger things in their stockings. Nick Becker and Dane Deller both got the brand new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises . This seemed to be the most popular gift given by St. Nick. The most expensive gift I’ve heard St. Nick giving this year was to Josh Moore. He got the new Call of Duty video game, which is worth $60. St.Nick has come a long way from the small toys or fruit he used to give. If St. Nick continues this trend of generosity, St. Nick Day will soon enough be like a second Christmas.