Navy SEALs in the media


Military movies are always a huge success and are usually highly revered for depicting our soldiers giving their lives. It used to be filled with the Army and Marines with movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Full Metal Jacket. Nowadays Navy SEALS have taken over the silver screen.

The first movie to show these elite soldiers was Navy Seals with Charlie Sheen. Now with Lone Survivor and American Sniper these soldiers are becoming Hollywood famous for their effort on the battlefield. These movies along with the books that these soldiers decide to write spread the word on what these guys do and the brotherhood known as the SEALs.

While everybody wanted to be an army man and looked up to them it seems now that everybody wants to be a Navy SEAL. It takes a special person to be one but this great organization is expanding and it is now more of a household name than ever.

Many books have been written on these solder’s experience such as Lone Survivor, American Sniper, Service, and Fearless.

Mr. Nugent is currently teaching Fearless the novel that tells the life story of Adam Brown, a man who turned his life around to reach legend status in the military. Randy DuVall, an avid supporter of the SEALs, told me, “Fearless was a great book. The story of Adam Brown along with Chris Kyle has inspired me to think about being a SEAL. I think they are the greatest military force in the world and deserve the publicity.”

These soldiers are now a big part of our community. Marcus Luttrell is involved in The Boot Campaign and tries to give back to troops as much as he can. He still supports Chris Kyle and his legacy and works in conjunction with other soldiers for a clothing line called Forged.

This publicity has not brought out the bad in these soldiers, it shone the light on how good they are. Most of the news is filled with what the Kardashians did next or something stupid like that. When SEALs get publicity it has a feel good sense to it. People get to read something worthwhile and get to know the most courageous soldiers better.