Perfect North’s brief opening

This past weekend Perfect North Slopes had its grand opening on Friday, and was also open on Saturday. Perfect North has opened over Thanksgiving break before, but opening before December 1st is considered to be early. This grand opening was short lived due to the rain on Sunday morning. Last season Perfect North was hit with a drought of natural snow, and they are crossing their fingers for an exceptionally cold winter this year with plenty of snowfall. Perfect North does make their own snow, but a winter of no snow and mild weather doesn’t do the man-made snow any good, causing it to resemble thick layers of ice more than snow. To find out how the slopes were this past weekend I talked to a fellow season pass holder, Kyle Federmann who made the trek out to Perfect North this weekend. Q: What day did you go out to Perfect North this weekend, and who did you got with? A: “Friday, went after my orthodontist appointment with Joey Maly.” Q: For being open this early in the season how would you consider the snow? A: “Uhm, Spunky! … and the snow was a little slushy, but since I got a fresh hot wax I could go HAM.” Q: Were most of the runs open or only a select few? A: “Only about 5 were open, but 3 of them had rails and a jump so I had sessions the whole night.” Q: Did you notice anything new for this season? A: “Well, you know Conor, they expanded the mini-terrain park and I already noticed they made new rails, so I’m ready to shred.” Q: Do you think this season will be a cold one or a repeat of last years? A: “I think the season will be solid, we just need to wait it out. I’m pumped though for the season, but even though there wasn’t a lot of snow last season, I was still shredding with sessions for days.” Q: What are you looking forward to most about this season? A: “You know, just chillin’ hot coca in the lodge with Spunky and Tex but the VIP lounge should be a fundamental session. We have a great season in store for us!” From what Kyle said it seems like this ski season in gonna be a pretty good one or at least a good (session). So get out to Perfect North this season to check it out.