Mrs. Graham

Mrs.Graham Mrs. Graham is theguidance counselor for students with last names starting with G-L, but she doesso much more for our school. Mrs.Graham’s office is one of the most visited places in the school on any givenday. At any time of day Mrs. Graham’soffice is packed with students. Mrs.Graham helps students who aren’t even her responsibility. For example, Greg Suer says, “I talk to Mrs.Graham every day, and she isn’t even my counselor. She’s the best.” I also talk to Mrs. Graham almost every day eventhough she isn’t my counselor. Mrs.Graham says that, “Sometimes having students in my office all the time makes ithard to get stuff done, but that is definitely worth getting to know and helpall these students.” Mostpeople think guidance counselors just work with seniors on college, which is ademanding task, but Mrs. Graham works with all four grades. She helps the juniors with ACT and SAT testpreparation, and begin to look for colleges. She helps freshmen and sophomoresadjust to the new level of difficulty of high school. When they fall behind in school, she setsthem up with a tutor. Mrs.Graham doesn’t have to do all that she does. She could choose to just help G-L, but she chooses to help anyone whoasks for it even though it makes her life more difficult. Overall Mrs. Graham is much more than aguidance counselor; she is a friend, mentor, and a great example of how weshould live. I’d just like to say thankson behalf of the whole student body for everything you do for us. Thanks somuch Mrs. Graham!