Denzel takes Flight

When I went to see Flight, I wasn’t sure what to expect, because you never know what to expect from Denzel Washington, who plays the main character of the movie William “Whip” Whitaker. The movie starts off with Denzel waking up hung-over from the night before, and he has another flight that he has taking off early that morning. Right before he heads out to make the flight he does a line of cocaine. On the plane ride he put vodka into his drink which made him more under the influence. During the flight, the hydraulics on the tail malfunction and the plane goes into a full nosedive. To regain control of the plane Captain Whitaker (Denzel Washington) has to turn the plain upside down completely and ends up stabilizing it. When he turns the plane right-side up, the engines totally fail and he is forced to glide the plane into an open field. When the plane impacts it is almost destroyed. It breaks into three different sections. The field they crash-landed in was the grounds of a religious group. The religious group saw the crash and started pulling survivors out of the wreckage. The plane crash killed six out of the 108 passengers on board; two of which were flight attendants. When Captain Whitaker woke up he found himself in the hospital surrounded by a team of investigators who specialize in plane crashes. They needed to ask him a few questions on what went down during the whole plane deterioration. What Whitaker didn’t know is that he was blood tested and they had records of him with traces of alcohol and drugs in his system during the tragic flight. Whitaker is a chronic alcoholic, and even though his lively hood is on the line and faces possibly life in prison, he secludes himself during the whole plane investigation and tries to quit his drinking ways and get his life together. He realizes what the constant drinking has done to him, such as him losing his wife and son who now want nothing to do with him, due to his excessive drinking. His lawyer, one of the best in the country, was able to get the test results dismissed due to the fact that the equipment they used to take his blood was out of date and incorrect so the results could not be used. After Whitaker had been taken off the suspect list and most of the attention was moved to the plane, investigators found the small liquor bottles that Whitaker had put in his drink during the flight. During the flight there was severe turbulence. The drink cart was not permitted to go up and down the aisles, so the only people that would have had access the cart to get vodka were the flight attendants and the pilots. Whitaker was again under suspicion along with one other crew mate who was found with alcohol in her system. But the other four were left off because there blood results came back clean. The other attendant under suspicion of drinking was killed on the plane so they could not interrogate her. They could only rely on what other attendants’ testimony. It turns out Whitaker and the flight attendant that had died had a thing outside of their jobs together and Whitaker seeing her being put up for something she didn’t do ate away at him. This led to even more excessive drinking leading up to the day before the trial. The day of the trial Whitaker was found passed out in the bathroom, he had been sober eight days leading up to this, but he was in no shape whatsoever to go to the trial even go out in public. Outrageous as it may seem, his lawyers had him take cocaine which he said “leveled him out” from his hangover and made him able to face the trial. His lawyers had everything planned out to where Whitaker would face no charges if he would just answer their questions. So he did, but when the question came up of who drank those three mysterious liquor bottles, the attendant or himself, Whitaker just snapped. He couldn’t take the lies anymore. Everything throughout his life came streaming out and this one just put him over the edge. He testified that he was drunk the day of the crash, that he drank the bottles, and that he drank everyday leading up to the crash. The courtroom gasped in awe and he was sentenced to five years The movie then flashes to him in jail, telling that story to a group of inmates and trying to teach them a lesson. It also shows that he got his life together and regained a good relationship with the people around him, most importantly his wife and son. Although this is just a short and vague outline to this movie, it’s one to go see and I would recommend it because some things just can’t be put into words. It’s also portrays a good message of the effects of a substance abuse over taking your life and the repercussions it can have.