Snap Chat; the newest craze

The new craze on the App Store is Snap Chat, used widely around Elder to send funny “selfies” or pictures of you with a caption. This app blew up in the past month hitting #12 on the free iOS photo App charts. For those who do not know what Snap Chat is, it’s a free App where you send the picture that you want and give it a caption; the thing that makes people question the app is that you can only see the picture for about 10 seconds before the picture is forever deleted. Now the makers of this app thought about the fact you can screen cap the picture and keep it forever, so they put in an “honor system.” If you take a screenshot of your partner’s picture, it notifies them saying that the other person took a screen shot. “I use it all the time, I snap chat on the regular and Nick Becker has the best snap chats by far,” says senior DJ Burke. I’ve heard this from many people around school that Nick Becker has exceptional “selfie” talents. “I’d say that just about anything that you hear about my Snap Chats are pretty realistic,” said Becker. But how much time goes into these pictures? “The hard and well thought out ones take maybe 5 minutes and the other ones just happen on the spot.” If you want more on Becker’s legendary Snap Chats ask either Ben Kenning, Joe Ramstetter, or Jack Backscheider. One might ask how something as simple as Snap Chat could go viral? I read an interview with the founder, Evan Spiegel. He said that out of the clear blue, teenagers from Los Angeles began using it to communicate during school to replace passing notes and improve cheating on tests. This could account for the sudden growth of the app.