40 Days for Life campaign comes to a close

This year’s nationwide 40 Days for Life campaign started on Wednesday, September 26 th . The purpose of this campaign is for all Catholics to come together over the issue of abortion. During the 40 day period, Catholics across the country are called to take a stance on this issue of utmost importance—to be a voice for the voiceless. This past Saturday, November 3 rd , marked the second last day in the 40 Days for Life campaign. In order to show support for the Pro-Life campaign, seven Elder students—including myself—woke up early Saturday morning in order to protest outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Mt. Auburn. The morning started like this—all seven students woke up early and drove to Elder at 8:30 in the morning to set up carpools. We arranged ourselves into two groups of four. I drove one car and Mr. Laake drove the other over to Mt. Auburn. For those who have never been to the Planned Parenthood on Mt. Auburn, it is a big brick building located just down the street from Christ Hospital. The building’s property is surrounded by a tall black fence. A wrought-iron gate blocks anyone but the workers from entering the parking lot from the street. Finally, all the blinds are shut in the building. When we first pulled up outside the Planned Parenthood at about 9, we were greeted by members of Good Shepherd who had been there since 8 praying the rosary. We joined the rest of the protestors in the praying of the Sorrowful mysteries as we walked along the sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood clinic. Soon, it was time for the Good Shepherd folks to go. As they marched down the streets of Mt. Auburn, we stayed behind. Even though everyone else was leaving, we decided to stay. After everyone else left, we stopped praying and turned our attention to those driving past the clinic on Auburn Avenue. Mr. Laake pulled to Elder prolife signs out of the back of his car. These signs were made by Mrs. Plagge and the Art Department in preparation for the Pro-Life assembly a few weeks ago. With the notion that we may be able to reuse the signs, Mr. Laake kept them in his room and pulled them out for this 40 Days for Life event. While nothing particularly exciting happened this Saturday morning, we were able to raise awareness about the ever-important issue of abortion. Hopefully, just hopefully, we were able to influence young women facing difficult decisions, facing hard times. In the dark times we are facing, we must stand up for what is good and right. We must be the voice for the voiceless and the hope for the hopeless. MODERATOR’S NOTE: Following our Pro-Life assembly a couple weeks ago, Mr. Laake challenged our students to step up and put their Faith into practice. The following students accepted that challenge: Jake Fields, Joe Maly, Sam Otis, Eric Rolfes, Nick Riegler, Spencer Laird, and Kendall Thompson. As the photos indicate, Elder High School is willing to stand up in principle and compassion for women and children in need.