NFL at mid-season

Nearing the mid-season point, let’s take a look at the team records and leaders in the conferences. NFC AFC Atlanta Falcons 7-0 Houston Texans 6-1 Chicago Bears 6-1 Baltimore Ravens 5-2 NY Giants 6-2 N. England Patriots 5-3 San Francisco 6-2 Denver Broncos 4-3 Minnesota Vikings 5-3 Miami Dolphins 4-3 Green Bay Packers 5-3 Indianapolis Colts 4-3 Arizona Cardinals 4-4 Pittsburg Steelers 4-3 Seattle Seahawks 4-4 S. Diego Chargers 3-4 Detroit Lions 3-4 Oakland Raiders 3-4 Tampa Bay Bucs 3-4 Buffalo Bills 3-4 Philly Eagles 3-4 Cincinnati Bengals 3-4 Dallas Cowboys 3-4 New York Jets 3-5 St. Louis Rams 3-5 Tennessee Titans 3-5 Wash. Redskins 3-5 Cleveland Browns 2-6 N. Orleans Saints 2-5 Jacksonville Jags 1-6 Carolina Panthers 1-6 Kansas City Chiefs 1-6 First of all, congrats to the Atlanta Falcons for a great start. I’m just glad I picked Matt Ryan as my fantasy quarterback. Next, this season has had a mix of teams with good records. Last year, you started to get a new variety of playoff contenders. The Ravens, Lions, 49ers, Bengals and Bills were a few teams who started out in the mix. This year, the younger players are building their reputations. Players like Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, and Kyle Rudolph are a few of the league’s best tight ends. Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III; a.k.a RGIII has surprised people with his accuracy instead of just his 4.3 40 yard dash speed. Adrian Peterson has made a huge comeback after his knee surgery. As of last week he was one of the top three rushers in the league and has been pretty consistent. Look for the Vikings to be in playoff contention if he can stay healthy. Also, the Falcons are an all-around solid team. Matt Ryan and his top receivers, Roddy White and Julio Jones have been huge. Running back Michael Turner also has contributed. Their defense has made big plays for them as well. Check them out on Sunday against the Cowboys who are coming off a nail-biting loss to the Giants. The most talked about team other than the Falcons are the Denver Broncos. Who would have thought Peyton Manning would be so sharp after last year’s disappointing injury? He looked unreal against the Saints last week. The Bengals vs. Broncos game this Sunday will be huge for both teams. For the Bengals, this is a must win. Overall, this season has been interesting and I’m looking forward to the playoffs. Take a look on the Purple Quill online main page and look out for a Super Bowl poll towards the end of the season. Tell your friends to please support our online version – we need your hits!