Other Voice of American Literature

Walking through the halls of Elder each day, you may hear people talking about the unknown “Other Voices” class period taught by the great teacher Mr. Ahlers. But as most of you don’t know, this class is one of the most influential and beneficial classes at Elder, in my opinion. While I was a junior, I signed up to take this class, not really knowing what really I was in for. Now that I am in, I am so glad I chose to take it. The class focuses on adversity and the history of African Americans. So far, through the first quarter, the class has taught us what most modern day adults don’t know about African Americans. It provides an outlook and prospective that develops a view of an “other voice.” When walking into the classroom, there is just an atmosphere that puts you in a good mood. “I try to keep the atmosphere as laid back as possible, but at the same time get the lessons across and the job done,” Ahlers said The class is set up to include lessons on subjects such as the Freedom Riders, Bloody Sunday, and much more. The most known thing about this class by those who aren’t taking it this year, could be the Music Fridays. Although it sounds like it’s just a relaxing day where you just sit there and listen to music; this is not the case. Music is played that is by African Americans and demonstrates how it influenced all of the modern day music. From rock and roll to rap, the influence is highly noticeable. “The class is awesome. I love coming to it every day and it has turned out to be one of my favorite classes of the day. Only if it was a full year class it would be awesome,” said former Other Voice of American Literature student, Nathan Walruth. In my eyes, this class should be known for the great things it can do. It has broadened my perspective, as well as the rest of the class. I highly recommend that you take Other Voice of American Literature next year, or semester.