James Robb: The man with the can

You can hear him coming from a mile away, the garbage can on wheels pulled by none other than James Robb. Whether you are in class, or walking through the halls, chances are you will see James at least once during the day. James Louis Robb, who is 40 years old, has worked at Elder for the past 11 years. He did not go to Elder himself, but his brother, uncles, and cousins did. As a result, this school has always had a place in James’ heart. He lives in Delhi and is a member of the St. Dominic parish. This is not his first time around the field of maintenance. He has served various jobs in the past such as bagging groceries at Kroger, and being a housekeeper at the Hyatt and Marriott hotels. While working as a housekeeper he had an unusual experience. While on duty, James approached one of his assigned rooms. The door was closed so he knocked and called out the famous “Housekeeping.” The call was left unanswered so he presumed that the room was safe to enter. When he walked in he was greeted with an unexpected sight. With terror in his eyes, he fled the room. “I walked into the room and I saw a couple…I really didn’t need to hear “whose your daddy?”” With that in the past, James now works here at Elder. He does a job that is avoided by most people, and often taken for granted. He is responsible for emptying the garbage cans all around Elder. He is known for pulling around his trusty garbage can, and on rainy days he can be seen sporting a nice yellow poncho. You can often hear the roar of the garbage can tearing through the air no matter where you are. His job is not always easy. He told us that the days after the Elder games are the hardest because the garbage cans are filled to the top and often overflowing. James likes the fact that the job is able to keep him outside while working, and says it keeps him on his toes. He does a thankless job, often not acknowledged by the students. Next time you see James, go out of your way to thank him because he provides a service that is the backbone of any establishment.