Presidental Debate: Best Dressed

Mr. Romney and President Obama had their debate the other night and debated about many important issues from Medicaid all the way to Sesame Street. But I am here to settle a lesser known issue and that is: Who rocked their outfit the best? Mr. Romney rocked a white shirt, red tie, huge American Flag pin, and a classy black sport coat, while President Obama countered with a blue tie and smaller American Flag pin. Now the ties were very important in the debates, the red and blue clearly represent the respective parties of each candidate, but there is more than just the parties being represented. Mr. Romney sported the red tie which represents aggressiveness, and it was there, Mr. Romney was on the attack all night throughout the debate. President Obama’s blue tie seemed to be representative of being laid back, or cool as a cat, which really showed since he didn’t attack Romney on many issues. Obama and Romney both completely rocked their respective outfits, but one of these men clearly won from a fashion stand point. The man who won the fashion debate had to be Mr. Romney. The deal breaker for Obama was his pin. It was slightly smaller than Romney’s which gave Romney the ever so slight advantage. On the issues these men were pretty much tied, but when it comes to American Flag pins, the bigger, the better! Advantage Romney for now, but there are two more debates for Obama to make a comeback.